Core Values

  • Service First
  • Authenticity
  • Intentional Growth
  • Focused on the Long Game
  • Community

Transaction Focus

  • Majority, control investments
  • Smaller, entrepreneurial businesses ($2m+ EBITDA)
  • Business Products and Services, Niche Manufacturing,  Value Added Distribution, Franchisors
  • Canada-wide; preference for Ontario headquarters

Value Creation

  • Human capital support
  • Financial systems and metrics
  • Use of technology
  • Strategy development
  • Add-on acquisitions
  • Corporate governance
  • Identifying competitive advantages
  • Visibility to cash flow

We invest in and strategically partner with entrepreneurial businesses.

We’re TrussPoint Equity Partners.

Our mandate is to ensure the foundation of what has been built is not only reinforced but supplemented to stand the test of time.

In the engineering context, a truss is a structure consisting of two-force beams (members), organized such that the assembly behaves as a single, stable structure. Typically, trusses are configured into triangular arrangements and the individual beams are connected at pressure points (joints). A perfect truss is engineered where all the beams are connected in harmonious equilibrium and even when loaded with weight at a single point, does not change shape but rather, maintains its efficient and optimized structure.

We believe that strong, generational businesses maintain similar characteristics – a like-minded group of employees, customers, suppliers, and partners with a common vision are less likely to fail when faced with challenges and better equipped to navigate growth.

Our team has been investing in, advising, and actively supporting owners of smaller, entrepreneurial businesses for more than a decade.

We have experience working with businesses like yours.

We understand the challenges that owner-operators face as their companies transition over time and we have witnessed first-hand what it takes to endure.

We invest in and collaborate with established businesses that we believe can remain viable for years to come. We are the partner that, alongside management, helps ensure the company ecosystem of employees, customers and suppliers is supported into the future with long-term and strategic decision making. This approach is designed to help businesses leverage what has already been built during the first chapter and help them thrive during the next. And beyond. 

Put simply, we know how to work with truss – helping design and install new sections or simply alleviating pressure points, solidifying and re-enforcing the existing structure.