We stand by the following Guiding Principles:

  1. People first. We invest in and work alongside like-minded operators who are committed and passionate about what they do. We believe it is critical to continuously train, develop, and empower employees with business decision making. We firmly believe that relentless focus on people, culture and teams drives more meaningful relationships with customers – customers who will be better served over the long-term with this approach.
  2. Act with integrity. We hold ourselves to extremely high moral and ethical standards as we believe this forms the foundation on which we build relationships and trust – we partner with people and businesses who share these principles.
  3. Respect legacy. We understand that owners and operators of the businesses we invest in have taken significant risks over many years to develop their brand. As stewards of their companies, we work to ensure the legacy lives on and is only enhanced over time.
  4. Listen and keep what works. We invest in businesses that have had years of success and as a result, have inevitably been doing a lot of things right. Our intention is to first listen and learn from employees to ensure we maintain continuity on what is working and then drive complementary improvements.
  5. Long-term value creation. We are hands-on, active partners to the businesses and teams we invest in, focused on continuously adding value to bolster long-term prosperity. We are dedicated to re-investing resources that compound value over time – and we are not afraid to occasionally go backwards if it builds a better foundation for the future.
  6. Alignment. It is crucial that our management teams, employees, and investors are all aligned and working towards the same goal: to be a part of a business that is supported and will endure. We jointly develop company values, strategic plans, and resource allocation to map out a mutually agreed upon set of long-term outcomes.