We operate under the following Core Values:

  1. SERVICE FIRST. We operate on a Service First basis; we prioritize serving others and believe this creates superior results for all stakeholders over time.
  2. AUTHENTICITY. We act with Authenticity; as a foundation of trust, we “do what we say” and believe in open, honest communication.
  3. INTENTIONAL GROWTH. We pursue Intentional Growth; we ask questions, listen and strengthen what has been built to create a foundation for thoughtful growth where we can leverage our hard-earned experiences.
  4. FOCUSED ON THE LONG GAME. We are Focused on the Long Game; we believe in the value of compounding, are dedicated to re-investing resources that build a better future and aren’t afraid to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains.
  5. COMMUNITY. We place emphasis on Community; our companies and employees, our investors and service providers, and each of the communities they operate in.